Research Analyst

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Research Analyst

The Role

As a Training and Development Associate at Excelators, you will play a pivotal role in the design, delivery, and management of our training and development courses. Your responsibilities will encompass curriculum development, course delivery, learner support, and program evaluation. Your dedication to creating effective learning experiences and facilitating skill development will be instrumental in ensuring the success of our training programs and the growth of our participants

What you will be doing

  1. Collaborate with subject matter experts to design and update training course content, ensuring it aligns with industry standards and participant needs
  2. Facilitate training sessions, using engaging instructional methods and materials
  3. Provide guidance and support to course participants, addressing their questions, concerns, and learning needs throughout the training programs
  4. Assess the effectiveness of training programs through feedback, assessments, and evaluations, and make necessary adjustments for continuous improvement
  5. Utilize learning management systems (LMS) and digital tools to deliver and track training content
  6. Work closely with the training team, instructors, and participants to ensure a smooth and enriching learning experience
  7. Maintain accurate records of participant progress, completion, and certifications
  8. Ensure the quality and consistency of training materials and delivery methods

What you need for this role

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Education, Training and Development, or a related field
  2. Previous experience in training and development, instructional design, or course facilitation
  3. Strong knowledge of adult learning principles and instructional design methodologies
  4. Excellent presentation and communication skills
  5. Proficiency in using learning management systems (LMS) and e-learning tools
  6. Organizational and project management skills to coordinate training programs effectively
  7. Analytical mindset to assess training outcomes and make data-driven improvements
  8. Commitment to creating a positive and effective learning environment
  9. Adaptability to accommodate various learning styles and participant needs
  10. Passion for helping individuals develop their skills and reach their potential