“Magnets”, a collaboration group within Excelators, serves as a structured and supportive environment where professionals and founders can interact, share knowledge, and collaborate on various aspects of their businesses. To become a part of the Magnets, participants have to maintain an active and paid subscription within Excelators.  The primary purpose of Magnets is to foster collaboration and facilitate the growth and development of the participating startups with the help of partners, peers and subject matter experts within Excelators’ Ecosystem. Here are some of the key functions and activities of Magnets:

Peer Learning

Magnets provide a platform for Professionals, SMEs and startup founders to learn from one another’s experiences. They can share insights, best practices, and lessons learned, which can be invaluable in addressing common challenges.

Professionals, SMEs and Founders often face similar obstacles, and Magnets provide offer a forum to discuss and collectively address these challenges. Members can brainstorm solutions and offer guidance to their peers.

Problem Solving

Resource Sharing

Professionals, SMEs and Founders can share resources, such as tools, software, or service providers, that have been beneficial to their startups. This can help startups access cost-effective solutions and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Magnets serve as a testing ground for ideas and concepts. Professionals, SMEs and Founders seek feedback and validation from their peers on product ideas, marketing strategies, and business models.

Feedback and Validation


Magnets provide an opportunity for Professionals, SMEs and Founders to expand their networks within Excelators’ ecosystem. This can lead to valuable connections with mentors, advisors, investors, and potential customers.

Startups often need to refine their pitch and presentation skills. Magnets serve as a practice platform where founders can receive constructive feedback on their pitches from other Founders and Professionals.

Pitch Practice

Workshops and Training

Excelators organize workshops and training sessions for Magnets focusing on specific niche and on specific topics relevant to startups, such as sales strategies, fundraising, or product development.

The specific activities and functions of “Magnets” may vary depending on demand and goals. However, our overarching aim is to create a collaborative and synergistic environment that enhances the growth and success of all professionals, SMEs and startups involved.