Financial Analyst

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Financial Analyst

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The Role:
Financial Analyst

In the capacity of Assistant Manager within Excelators’ Finance Department, you will hold a pivotal role in bolstering essential financial operations and strategies that are paramount to our organization’s triumph. Your key duties will revolve around financial analysis, budget administration, and fostering collaborative endeavors aimed at securing the financial well-being and expansion of Excelators. Your dedication to precision and financial acumen will be essential in achieving our objectives.

What you will be doing

  1. Conduct thorough financial analysis, including revenue forecasting, cost analysis, and performance tracking, to provide actionable insights and recommendations
  2. Assist in budget planning, monitoring, and reporting, ensuring adherence to financial goals and objectives
  3. Review of receivables and payables ensuring they are followed up and settled timely
  4. Generate accurate financial reports and dashboards to communicate financial performance to key stakeholders
  5. Work closely with various departments to analyze and control expenses, identifying opportunities for cost optimization
  6. Participate in annual audit activity. Support financial audits by preparing necessary documentation and ensuring compliance with auditing standards
  7. Identify and implement process improvements to enhance financial efficiency and accuracy
  8. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including Accounting, Operations, and Management, to align financial strategies with overall business goals
  9. Stay updated on financial regulations and ensure Excelators’ financial practices are in compliance with all relevant laws and standards

What you need for this role

  1. Minimum of 3 years of experience in finance or a related field, demonstrating a solid understanding of financial principles and practices
  2. Proficiency in financial analysis and the ability to work with financial data using tools like Excel and financial software
  3. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  4. Effective communication skills for interacting with stakeholders and conveying financial information
  5. Knowledge of budget management and financial reporting
  6. Familiarity with financial regulations and compliance standards
  7. Team player with a collaborative mindset
  8. Ability to thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment
  9. Proficiency in English language and financial analysis