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Muhammad Talal
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Welcome back, Amazon wholesale enthusiasts! Join our advanced course to elevate your skills in the wholesale domain. This program covers in-depth topics like advanced product hunting, Keepa mastery, and product analysis. You’ll gain expertise in advanced sourcing, lead generation, and effective communication with suppliers. Explore freelancing platforms, refine your supplier sheet analysis, and become adept at placing orders. Dive deep into Amazon Seller Central, and don’t miss the special class on personal and professional development by Dr. Gulfam Baghoor. Get ready to unlock your full wholesale potential and become an expert in the field.

  • Orientation & Wholesale BasicsA brief refresher and an overview of the essentials to ensure you're up to speed.
  • Theoretical Product Hunting (Part 1)Dive into the theory behind product hunting strategies, understanding the concepts that underpin effective sourcing.
  • Theoretical Product Hunting (Part 2)Continue your theoretical exploration, delving deeper into the intricacies of product hunting methodologies.
  • Practical Product Hunting (Part 1)Transition theory into practice with real-world examples, helping you identify promising products in the Amazon marketplace.
  • Practical Product Hunting (Part 2)Further sharpen your product hunting skills through hands-on exercises and scenarios.
  • Keepa 1, 2 & 3A comprehensive guide to using Keepa, a vital tool for tracking and evaluating product trends.
  • Product AnalysisLearn to analyze products effectively, making informed decisions about their potential on Amazon.
  • Advance Sourcing / Lead GenerationExplore advanced sourcing techniques and strategies for generating leads in the wholesale business.
  • Calling Scripts / Contacting Suppliers – Tips and TricksDevelop effective communication strategies for approaching and building relationships with suppliers.
  • Opening Accounts with Suppliers / DiscountsGain insights into the process of opening wholesale accounts and negotiating discounts with suppliers.
  • Freelancing (Upwork / Fiverr / Linkedin / Facebook)Explore opportunities to freelance and expand your network through platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Finding Profitable Products from Supplier Sheets via Manual Method & Automated ScannersMaster both manual and automated methods for analyzing supplier sheets and uncovering profitable products.
  • Placing Orders with Suppliers to Amazon (In-between Journey)Navigate the journey of placing orders with suppliers, ensuring a seamless flow of inventory to Amazon.
  • Amazon Seller Central Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Break down Amazon Seller Central into a three-part exploration, covering its intricate features and functionalities.
  • Personal & Professional Development (Dr. Gulfam Baghoor) [Extra Class]As a special bonus, attend an extra class by Dr. Gulfam Baghoor on personal and professional development, providing valuable insights for your growth.
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48 Hours (2 Months) Excelators Instructor Led Amazon Wholesale Intermediate Muhammad Talal

This intermediate course is designed to take your Amazon wholesale expertise to the next level. Get ready to refine your skills, expand your knowledge, and embrace the challenges and opportunities that the world of Amazon wholesale presents to you.