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Muhammad Talal


This course offers new students an engaging introduction to eCommerce and the wholesale aspects of Amazon, specifically FBA and FBM. It begins by providing a strong foundation in the Amazon platform, followed by insights into eCommerce and various business models. Students will discover the importance of wholesale, budget and business requirements, and the strategies of product hunting, comparing direct sourcing to reverse sourcing. The course covers critical topics such as product analysis, lead generation, establishing supplier relationships, and identifying profitable products using automated tools, ultimately preparing students to excel in Amazon Seller Central and succeed in the world of eCommerce.

  • Introduction to EcommerceExplore the broader realm of eCommerce, gaining insights into its principles and dynamics.
  • Platform Introduction (Amazon)Begin your Amazon wholesale adventure by understanding the foundation of the Amazon platform.
  • Introduction to Business ModelsDive into the world of online business models to understand how Amazon wholesale fits into the larger picture.
  • Introduction to AmazonGet to know Amazon's intricacies, setting the stage for your wholesale endeavors on the platform.
  • Introduction to WholesaleDiscover the core concepts of wholesale, the backbone of Amazon's success as an eCommerce giant.
  • Why Wholesale?Explore the compelling reasons behind choosing wholesale as your business model on Amazon.
  • Budget RequirementsUnderstand the financial aspects and budgetary considerations required to start your Amazon wholesale journey.
  • Business RequirementsLearn about the fundamental requirements for establishing a successful wholesale business on Amazon.
  • Types of Product Hunting (Direct Sourcing VS Reverse Sourcing)Explore two distinct strategies for sourcing products, evaluating the pros and cons of direct and reverse sourcing.
  • Importance of Keepa and Its UsesUncover the significance of the Keepa tool and how it aids in making informed product-related decisions.
  • Product AnalysisDive into the art of product analysis, where you'll learn how to assess the potential of items in the Amazon marketplace.
  • Lead Generation / Finding SuppliersDiscover techniques for generating leads and identifying reliable suppliers.
  • Contacting Suppliers / Opening Wholesale AccountsLearn the essential skills for initiating contact with potential suppliers and establishing wholesale accounts.
  • Finding Profitable Products from Supplier Sheets using Automated ScannersExplore the use of automated tools for sifting through supplier sheets to find profitable products.
  • Placing OrdersUnderstand the process of placing orders effectively to maintain a seamless wholesale operation.
  • Amazon Seller CentralConclude your course by delving into the intricacies of Amazon Seller Central, where you'll manage your Amazon wholesale business.
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12 Hours Excelators Recorded Amazon Wholesale Basics Muhammad Talal

This comprehensive course will empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a newcomer in Amazon wholesale, setting you on a path towards eCommerce excellence.